Class Litter

Class Litter is one of the latest products developed from Selim. It si a classic type litter, not agglomerating, studied for the pet-shop. It is formed by natural materials that, thanks to particular processing, reach optimal absorption, odor keeping and clear features.


Granulemetre 1-5 mm.
Absorption >90% p/p
Ammonia Release 50mg./Kg.
Natural and sterilized mineral product.


Class Litter, not being an agglomerating litter, don't require to take away the agglomerates every day and so it is suitable to the Customer having few time to give to the cat-box toilette preferring to replace completely the product when necessary.



Class Litter is wrapped in sacks from 5 or 10 kgs., with strong paper handle and seamed with cotton thread. Design is modern, original and clear. On the back there are the instructions in 4 languages (Italian, English, French and German) and the technical sheet.


5 Kgs. Sack
10 Kgs. Sack
24 cm.
27 cm.
42 cm.
50 cm.
11 cm.
12 cm.