When and where it is born
SELIM (Societą Estrazione Lavorazione Industriale Minerali - Extraction Industrial Processing of Mineral Company) is born in 1961 in Trissino - Vicenza province - at the mouth of Agno's valley that begin from Recoaro Terme and arrive till Montecchio Maggiore in a zone rich of traditions and culture and that in the latest years has seen an industrial increase without any terms. The Veneto Region is placed in a strategical point; it has the important port of Mestre near Venice, and it is situated on the geographic heart of Europe near the rich markets of Austria, Germany and the new one of East.

The Old Selim Businness
Selim was born as a Co. for extraction, production and calcination of refractory chamotte.The big plant is still existing, perfectly working and modernized. In the 80's the request of chamotte moved in favour of low iron percentage chamotte and so the Co. decides to change kind of production.

The New SelimBusinness
Since the end on 80's, Co. has a deep administrative restructure. Since 1985, after a careful marketing, Selim spends most of his resorses in the production of cat litters, taking advantage from his long experience in the mineral sector and using the large existing plant. Currently Selim packs 22 types of litter, using more than 6 different materials sudied, produced and dryed in our seat. Two kinds of this material are reserved for the Great Distribution and the remaining range is for the stores specialized in pet articles. Furtherly, the Co. is still going on working mineral for Custormers, particularly making exication.

The Plant System
Selim is developed in 30.000 sq.m. and work inside of 4.000 sq.m., where the exication, calcination and grinding plants are installed. The dryer system can to obtain specific exications on base of initial product features (initial humidity > 50%, final one < 0,5%). The furnace is one of the larggest in Italy (it reachs the max temperature of 1200°C, production max. 100t./day). The various and different litter productions is worked with modern packaging line systems which stock the products in a large warehouse waiting to be sent.

Company policy
In the last years Selim has been specialized in the production of high-quality cat litter, reaching very good levels. Our efforts have been rewarded from final Customers who are satisfied and faithful, and from the traders of field who recognize the quality of our products. Therefore Selim continues by its policy to distinguish itself for the quality of its litters, from the cheappest to the most expensive, but always being to the top of quality over one offered from the competitors, serching new solutions and giving new rises to the market.
In mineral workings field, the Co. points at the flexibility in Customer favour.The experience of our technicians, allows us to study and set specific plants enable to meet the different need of workings required. In fact, above all we think our job is not only work a material, but resolve the Customer's problem.