Where we are

SELIM seat is in Trissino, Vicenza province. To reach us it is easy to take the A4 motorway, going out at Montecchio Maggiore; at the tollhouse turn right towards Valdagno, keep SS. 246, going throught Montecchio Maggiore always direct till arriving in Trissino; on the left there is a large rotatory where turn towards Trissino centre on Industria Street and after 100 meters on left there is the SELIM, having a big square.


- A4 Motorway, tollhouse Montecchio Maggiore

- Turn right towards Valdagno

- Going on SS.246 for about 5 km.

- At Trissino take rotatory

- Selim is 100 mts. on left, in Trissino centre direction


SELIM in Trissino, Vicenza


Map from A4 Motorway to TRISSINO


SELIM is at 100 mts. from rotatory, on left