Private label


Over the above own cat litter, Selim produces also litter with private trade-mark allowing to our Customer to choose between a wide range of materials. In fact, Selim produces and packs 6 different type of materials:

- Agglomerating litter of Bentonite

- Agglomerating litter of Bentonite Extra

- Agglomerating litter of Super Bentonite with fine granulemetre

- Litter type Classic

- White Litter

- Litter for small rodents

This is the standard range proposed by Selim to theis Customer, but on request it is possible search and studied particular products. Moreover all these products can be permufed and higienized on Client needs. Much important is also the package and our Co. counts a wide choise of packaging formats:

- Paper sacks from 5 kgs. to 50 kgs.

- Microonda Box

Wrapping can also be bundled before palleting.