Bent Litter

Bent Litter is one of the latest products developed from Selim. It is an agglomerating litter, specially studied for pet-shop. It is formed by very high-quality bentoniti that Selim sorts and dries with the max care.



Granulemetre 1-5 mm.
Absorption >90% p/p (Westinghouse method)
Agglomeration 145gr. (50gr. water + 95gr. product)
Output 55% (Clik here to Know the output is)
Natural and sterilized mineral product



Bent Litter is a very high-quality agglomerating product suitable to the Customer cared to cut the waste. In fact, as all agglomerating type, it forms a ball with the liquid contact allowing to take away only the agglomerated product.



Bent Bent Litter is packed in sacks from 5 or 10 kg. with strong paper handle and seamed with cotton thread. Design is modern, original and clear. On the back there are the instruction in 4 langages (Italian, English, Franch and German) and the technical sheet.

5 kgs. Sack
10 kgs Sack.
22 cms.
24 cms.
40 cms.
50 cms.
8 cms.
11 cms.