SUPER Litter

It is an agglomerating litter fine type and it is produced with top-quality Bentonite. It agglomerates istantaneously using very little products; it forms very strong and perfumed balls, easy to take away and so let the litter dry and clean. Thanks to its exclusive features of convenience, practicality and big hygiene, at present it is the products TOP of the Selim



Granulemetre 0,6 - 1,5 mm.
Absorption 540% p/p
Agglomeration 118gr. (50gr. water + 68gr. product)
Output 74% (Click here ti know the output is)
Permufed and hygienized product.



Super Litter is suitable for Customer with particular requirement, that cannot accept any compromise for his own cat hygiene. This litter has a very strong deodorant capacity, and so is specially suitable to the owner of cat leaving in close room as flat. Moreover the packaging guarantees a month of use for one cat, and occupy less space than traditional litter.



SuperLitter is wrapped in an elegant and pactical box from 5 kgs. for over one month of use with a cat. Microonda cartoon, with a display allowing to see directly the product; strong plastic handle on above part, and practical opening by a spilling neck on box side. Design refined and original.

Box from 5 kgs.
25 cm
20 cm
12 cm