Cat Litters

Selim produces 22 litters using 6 different materials type.

The production is devoleped in two fields; litter with Selim trade-mark and private-label one.



The Co. produces and trades this line with its own trade mark. Actually it is formed by four litters:

Bent litter Agglomerating litter for pet stores
Class litter Classic litter for pet stores
Super lettiera Compact litter in cartoon box for Great Distribution
SELIM litter Agglomerating for Great Distribution



Selim packs its litters also with private-label, offering to Customer the possibility to have a quality products stamped with its name. In fact, Selim produces some litters of the most important mark of pet sector. Some large groups of Italian Great Distribution has choosen the Selim like producer of cat litter with their private name.